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Residential salt water systems

Residential pool Residential pool
Residential salt water systems Residential salt water systems

Ideal for above ground residential pools, inground residential pools, plunge pools, swim spas

Economical, simple and compact answer to automatic pool sanitising

  • Enjoyable swimming experience with an eco-friendly low cost chlorine solution
  • Compact, low maintenance and easy to use – suited for the “cassette market”
  • Reverse polarity cell – Minimizes the need for cleaning of cell
  • Improved bather comfort – no skin or eye irritation
  • Range of models for residential pools up to 130m3
  1. Strong and durable, UV stabilised controller enclosure
  2. Hinged, self-closing door protects control panel from the weather
  3. Simple to use controls. Easy to set and operate
  4. Flow switch for safety and protection of low flow and no flow condition
  5. Clear, compact, high performance in-line cell



  1. In ‘hard water’ applications (above 275ppm), reverse polarity systems will require regular (monthly) inspection and manual cleaning.
  2. The appropriate chlorinator size for your pool is dependent on the local climate and the bather load of the pool. Please note that chlorinator cell life can be increased with shorter running times during winter and lower output settings. Davey recommends that a chlorinator is run for between 6 - 8 hours a day during summer, and between 2 - 4 hours during winter.