A pump like no other - now with Bluetooth®

Swimming pool pumps

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Swimming pool pumps Swimming pool pumps

Ideal for pool filtration, water features and pool & spa heating systems.


  • Bluetooth enabled – to allow set and control filtration and speed cycles from your iOS and Android smartphone
  • Ability to cap peak flow, priming and backwash speeds – ideal for retrofit installations with sand filters
  • Super quiet – designed with a unique water cooled motor with captures noise and vibrations, allowing super quiet operation, rated down to 50dBa.
  • Backwash speed cycling technology – for effective media cleaning and reducing waste water when backwashing
  • Loss of prime protection, minimising damage if the pump runs dry
  • Convenient extra-large 4.5 litre leaf basket meaning less cleaning required
  1. Bluetooth smartphone control via iOS or Android App
  2. Fully variable frequency drive with user friendly selectable speed dial
  3. Large leaf basket with easy to remove, clear lid
  4. Loss of prime protection to protect the pump when there is no water inside the pump
  5. Quality ABS quick coupling barrel unions for simple installation
  6. High performance water cooled motor for ultra quiet, efficient use all year round
  7. Drain plug enables quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance 

SilensorBT VSD200 Data

SilensorBT VSD200